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How to keep your Cat Clean

How to keep your Cat Clean

Keeping a cat as a pet is a responsibility. It is not all play and no work that you watch in those cute cat videos on social forums. You have to become a literal parent. If you juggle every day between your other responsibilities and keeping your tabby clean and hygienic, fret not because Peshi-Pets has brought to you some of the very helpful tricks to provide your feline friend a hygienic environment midst your chaotic routine life. Here we will tell you all about how to bathe your cat to what precautions you must take to keep it clean and hygienic.

Take up the toughest job to bath your cat

One of the major crises most cat owners face is when they have to wash out all the dirt from their little, naughty catty. It is a big challenge to take her to the bathtub. For this, make sure that your kitty is tired. The more tired it is, the easier it is for you to wash her. Even the naughtiest cat will get drained after a nice long playtime. Before you take your cat for a bath, there are some preparations that you will have to make. Firstly, put a rubber mat in the bath-tub or a sink, so that your cat doesn’t slip away. Then fill the tub four to five inches max with lukewarm water. Make sure it is not hot. Once you are done with this, you are ready to bring that little devil. Remember, there are different shampoos for cats, never make a mistake to use the shampoo that you use because it can take away all the natural oils from your cat’s coat leaving it with dry skin. And also never use that shampoo on the face area. If you want to wash the face, then be sure to use the most diluted shampoo and avoid its contact with the nose, eyes, and ears. Once you have successfully bathed your cat, then make sure to dry her. Use a towel and take her to a warm place. If you want you may also use a hairdryer but keep it at the lowest heat level.

Regular brushing your cat would save your time

Although your cat has natural tools to brush the dirt away with its tongue and teeth, but you must still carry this chore regularly with the brush. This won’t only be helpful to eliminate filth and dead hair of your cat, but this would also stimulate blood flow which will result in healthy skin and get rid of those skin flakes that can ruin your furniture. However, before you start brushing your cat, check the condition of her skin first with your bare hands. If the hair are in good condition and the skin is smooth then know that you are good to go. But if there are bald patches, flakes, ticks wounds or any unusual bumps, then take her to the vet straight away as it can be a sign of any skin problem. If your cat’s coat is healthy then take a brush (with plastic strands is recommended) and brush her skin. Make sure to go in the direction her hair grows. Don’t go on the opposite side as it can damage your cat’s hair badly. If you can, then spray a little bit water through the spray bottle before brushing, it will help in loosening and identifying tangled hairs. Moreover, when you are brushing, brush one side at a time and be gentle. This routine can help you keep your cat’s cleanliness on point and track of its skin health.

These two regimens would help you out to make sure that your little miss kitty is clean and dolled up. It would be great if you daily brush your cat but once in two to three days is also acceptable. Moreover, if your cat remains outdoors most of the time then the only bath her once a week otherwise indoor cats can go clean for two weeks if proper brushing regime is conducted regularly. But if you are a hygiene freak then you can also use dry shampoo for your pet cat. But before using that shampoo consult your vet. In fact, before using any product consultation with your vet is a must.

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