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Peshi-pets is an Online Pet Store Dubai (UAE) committed to offering the best kittens for sale in Dubai. Helping you find the right pets and pet products for your house under one roof. We make sure that we offer you the very best quality pets at a reasonable price. Everything you need for your pet is only one click away. We deliver throughout the UAE high-quality supplies and you would find the best kittens for sale in Dubai on our website. Pet food for every life stage, diet and breed, as well as accessories and healthcare products, are also available. Having a cat is not the same for everyone. Some people like to get all cuddly with their cats and others are okay with watching their cats playing outside independently and avoiding any kind of human interaction. This is very important that you try to find and get a cat that will go along with your nature, mood, and interact with you if you want it to. Peshi-pets want to explain some of the basic and most important things about cats if you are looking forward to owning one then there are Online Pet Store Dubai (UAE). All cats are different and their behavior depends on their breed, inherent personality, and some early age experiences, which can make these felines confident or fearful with everyone in general. It is very important that the environment in which you keep a cat is safe and friendly. If the feline does not get on with other cats in your house then it will react violently whenever it interacts with other cats. While there are no specific do’s and don’ts to choose or get the perfect cat for you and your lifestyle, understanding your expectations as well as what makes cats the best pet for you will help you to bring home a kitten for sale in Dubai that should be able to cope with its new environment and be the pet that you want too.


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Our Online Pet Store Dubai (UAE) – Peshi-pets, has been dealing with cats and dogs for 12 years. We provide the best kittens for sale in Dubai and there is no doubt that our company has come a long way and achieved so much in over the last 12 years. Our team is more like a family to us and we treat our pets the same way. When you look for kittens for sale in Dubai become our client, you become our family member too so if you are in any kind of trouble related to pets, then our family will treat you like one of us and your pet would become our priority on that time. We feel proud to tell you that we got the best team in the business and the people in our team worked so hard for so many years to make the name of our company in the pets market. The staff is very professional and will make you feel pretty comfortable in discussing anything about the kind of pets you want to buy or which are the best kittens for sale in Dubai. Peshi-pets has more than 380 approved clients till now and they are all pretty satisfied with our pets and services. And we have over 170 returning customers which means the graph of our company has been more than good for the last 12 years. Our customer is our family and their satisfaction means everything to us. Our team would not only be guiding you about the kittens for sale in Dubai but will also be helping you in choosing the best accessories and toys for your pets to have a good time with. Because of this loving and hard-working team, we have been able to participate in so many exhibitions all over Dubai and had been nominated four times for the award. The rate of consumer satisfaction is pretty high, they are all completely satisfied and in all these years we have never got a simple complaint about our pets or about our team which confirms us that we have got the best kittens for sale in Dubai.


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Everyone knows that the key to success is education. Education plays an important role in providing the best possible healthcare for your beloved pet. The more you are educated about your pet’s healthcare the better and easy it would be for you to take care of them. And they can stay healthy and active for many years. Keeping this approach in mind if you are looking for kittens for sale in Dubai that your pet’s health is our priority, we would be sharing a wealth of information and blogs on health care topics that would help you as our customer to be aware of different problems regarding your pets. Being informed also allows you to discuss health concerns you may have with our trained staff and veterinarians. Our company encourages you to contact us at any hour of need and our veterinarians and trained staff would be more than happy to assist you and guide you in different situations with your pets. It is a free service to our clients and you can access it at your convenience. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, our trained staff would be ready 24/7 to give Healthcare service to your pets if you choose our company to buy the kittens for sale in Dubai. 


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We all want our pets to live long and healthy lives. The foundation for quality veterinary care is the basic preventative care because it catches problems earlier and ensures longer and healthier lives for your pets. Wellness care includes frequent “head to tail” physical examinations, protection from parasites, vaccination against diseases, and early discussions of any concerns with us, your veterinary professionals. Whether your pet is a new puppy or a kitten, wellness and preventative care will help keep your pets healthier and happy. Many people think that it’s a cat’s hair that causes people to react to them by sneezing, wheezing, or even itching. In fact, it’s just a protein or allergen called Fd1, present in the cat’s saliva, which causes the allergy. Cats groom themselves regularly they have saliva all over their coat. This dries on their coat and when your cat scratches, rubs or brushes past objects the dust, dander, and the hair which contains the allergen are spread everywhere they touch. Cat-lovers who want to have a cat but are allergic, sometimes think that by choosing a breed with less, little, or no coat they can avoid the problem, but it is not the case. It is the saliva that causes the problem and this is unlikely to help, and although longhaired cats do seem to cause more allergic reactions that’s probably only because, having more hair, they’re also covered with more saliva and causes more allergic reactions. Cats do not bathe, so they are low maintenance and you won’t need to spend much on stupid cosmetics. Some cats do not like water at all, and you trying to give them a bathe forcefully will not end of good for you better leave them alone when they don’t want to get clean.

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Our Online Pet Store Dubai (UAE) offers kittens for sale in Dubai are so far the cutest and best quality pets in the whole of Dubai. Not many people understand this but your pet tells a lot about your personality and what kind of a person are you. If a man is having a pit bull as his pet then this means that the man is more dominant and likes his authority, or if a man has a Persian kitten then it means that they are calmer and kind who likes peace and has a soft heart. Our team would help you choose the best pet for you which would match your personality and who will understand your nature. If you are a person who generally prefers cats to other animals and is looking for kittens for sale in Dubai, you are likely more intelligent than other people. A cat is the 2nd most popular pet in the world with more than 610 million of them in homes worldwide, and the real truth is that a cat chooses her owner, always. Cats do that with their social stimulus and that’s how human decides in the end! Cats would never judge you for anything and they just love cuddling. They will never let you feel down or lonely. When you come home from your work, they will just lay with you and give you the best relaxing time which you had been craving for the whole day. These kittens for sale in Dubai will always be by your side if you treat it well, it can be your best friend if you let them be and they are also a very good listener. It’s always good to know that someone is waiting for you at home and can’t wait to give you cuddles.

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