Daily Cat Diet Advice

Congratulations on becoming a cat parent. But now you have a responsibility for a living being to keep it healthy and happy. However, if it is your very first cat, then the major question you would be asking every other cat owner is how to feed your cat and what you must give it. We’ve got you right, didn’t we? Well, you don’t have to fear because Peshi-Pets have brought to you daily cat diet advice from authentic veterinarians and cat owners. Here we will discuss what nutrients your cat needs, should you feed them commercial cat food or homemade food and some tips on keeping your little kitty at an ideal weight.

Cats also need a balanced diet like humans

When we talk about a balanced diet, it must include all the nutrients, for example, the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and other essential minerals. Remember, cats are carnivores and they cannot sustain a vegetarian diet. They need foods with high amounts of protein, temperate extents of fat with a minimal amount of carbohydrates. They also need other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc. Many cat owners tend to fulfill this need of nutrition through supplements without realizing that this can be very harmful to the health of their tabby. You must only use supplements on veterinarian’s approval.

DIY cat food or commercial cat diet?

You would have heard that home-cooked food is the healthiest food. But this is only true for humans. Here are some of the reasons why you must avoid giving your cat homemade food. Firstly, it is a big hassle to find the correct recipe. No matter from wherever you do your research, you won’t be able to make a hundred percent nutritious food for your little pet. Secondly, you would never know whether the meal you’ve cooked is best for your cat specie or not and last but not the least, you can’t taste that food because cats don’t eat human food. However, there are a few recipes that are approved by vets for medical purposes. So, until and unless you are advised by your vet, you don’t have to make things difficult for yourself. Instead, many commercial cat foods have perfect amounts of nutrients your cat needs, give that.

There are three major types of commercial cat food; dry food, semi-moist and canned. All of them differ in water content, proteins, calories, taste, and edibility. As dry food doesn’t dry, you can preserve it well and it will also cause less strain on your pocket. As far as semi-moist foods are concerned, it is difficult to preserve once the pack is open and is a little expensive. Moreover, the canned food can be said the ideal meal for cats as it has a perfect amount of moisture and is also palatable. An unopened can has the best life but once open then you must preserve it in the refrigerator. However, this can cost you a little bit more.

Easy to follow tips to make sure your cat’s health

  • Keep your cat hydrated. If you are unable to provide clean and fresh drinking water then your cat can become seriously ill in no time.
  • Prepare a proper meal for your pet and make sure that you are not overfeeding it. Consult your vet and get a proper meal plan.
  • Avoid giving her your favorite foods as it is not nutritious for them and sometimes human foods can be poisonous. And onion is one of the greatest examples.
  • Be sure to feed your kitten every day and when you decide a meal plan, keep several small meals rather than three times a day rule.
  • Do follow the instructions given on the packet of cat food you buy. Because it will advise you accordingly and will also give you proper instructions and precautions according to your cat’s age, lifestyle, and health.
  • You must know the balance between feeding and underfeeding. If you feed it too much it can cause obesity problems and if you are unable to feed her correct portion of the meal every day, chances are it can get underweight and face many serious health-related issues.
  • Last but not the least, keep the food and water tray away from your cat’s litter pot. They will never eat near that.

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