What do most cats like to eat?

Dubai Cats love eating foods that offer everything from protein to carbohydrate. If you live in DXB and have a cat or if you are thinking to adopt a cat from one of the local Dubai adoption centres, then you should definitely know what cats can and cannot eat. Cats are obligate carnivores, in other words, meat eaters. They really thrive when part of their diet comes from animal sources. Read on to learn what you should feed your cats.

They need to eat protein because it is the main energy source in cats’ diet. Cats need meat to get the nutrients they require. They can never survive on a continuous vegan diet. Cats can eat grains, vegetables, and fruits. Some foods are just easier to find in Dubai which are  fast to digest. According to research from the  Peshi-Pets Dubai store magazine team it is perfectly fine to feed your cat a commercial dry or wet food, you can offer some variety in your cats’ diet by feeding it cooked or raw, fresh meat. Cats also love fish but it is not a good food for daily feeding. They contains high levels of fatty acids, which can lead to a vitamin E deficiency in cats and painful conditions. For those who’d rather not feed their cat fish, a good alternative is enhancing their food with fish oil. According to veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber, fish oil is good for keeping your cat’s skin from getting dry. Fish oils can also give your cat a healthy, shiny coat. Whole or unrefined grains are a great human food to give your cat. Whole grains contain the good amount of vitamins, iron, and fiber that give them nutritional value. Cats can also enjoy a well-balanced diet of human foods such as oatmeal (with water), maize, and brown rice.

Many Dubai vets mention you can also feed eggs to your cat. Eggs are very rich in iron, protein, and other minerals, even cooked eggs are good for your cat. You just need to be sure you thoroughly scramble those eggs before feeding them to your cat. Cats are milk lovers and grow to be lactose intolerant later in life. The small amounts of cheese and milk can prove useful in getting a sick cat to take their medicine. Avocados are a tasty and safe human food for cats to eat, and they are also abundant in vitamins A, C, E, and B6—all of which are very important to the health of your cat’s skin and coat.

Your Dubai cats don’t like fruit but fruits are actually healthy for them. If your cats are always chewing on your house plants, then fruit can be a great option for them. Cantaloupe is especially good for cats because it is high in antioxidants and beta-carotene, which can help keep your cat’s skin and eyes fresh and healthy. Before feeding your cat a lemon, make sure that you remove the seeds first. Only feed your cats small amounts of fruit. Cats are carnivores so their bodies can only process small amounts of fruits and veggies at a time.

When feeding your cats melon which you bought from your local Dubai, UAE supermarket, make sure to always remove the seeds first, and only feed your cats small amounts of fruit. Since cats are carnivores, their bodies can only process small amounts of fruits and veggies at a time.

Cats and dogs only produce a fraction of the omega-3 that they need to maintain a healthy and balanced ratio of fatty acids. Your cat can find the right proportions of these nutrients. While sharing means caring in many human circles, there are a few human foods that cats can’t eat so if you are out and about in Dubai marina do not feed it your leftovers. Genetically, cats cannot detect sugary foods, and many sweets are dangerously toxic to them, incase this happens there are many recommended clinics in Dubai which are mentioned on Peshi Pets partners page. All forms of chocolate contain a bitter-tasting stimulant known as theobromine, which can cause seizures, muscle tremors and several serious heart problems for your cat. Caffeine has a similar effect. Keep your cat out of the kitchen while baking or making coffee. Alcohol in even little amounts can lead to severe brain damage or liver failure for your cat.

Your adult or senior cat’s diet should be a good-quality, premium commercial cat food. When shopping for cats, check the package labels to see what age the food is suited to. If you’re ever in a slightest doubt or need some help, your veterinarian will be there to assist.

As with kittens, you can offer your cat a variety of food such as fresh or cooked meat or fish. Meaty bones or fresh meat is the best source of protein. Meals that include meats like chicken, turkey, and duck are favorite for cats

If you notice your cat chewing on plants, they may be in need of some fiber in their diet. Change lush leaves (which may be topped with toxic pesticides) for small portions of baked or steamed vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, or asparagus.

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