The Maine Coon is an American cat breed from the state of Maine. It was probably given the nickname “Coon” because of its resemblance to a raccoon. As early as 1860 one finds the first evidence of the existence of a semi-long-haired and large cat, which is still called “Shag” (shaggy cat) here. The cats originally came to the States with the emigrants from Europe , crossing various breeds. The dense and long fur was a great advantage for the cats and enabled them to survive the cold winters in the eastern United States. In particular, Angora cats were mated with the domestic cats there.

The Maine Coon is the largest of all pedigree cats and has a powerful, muscular body and strong legs. The head has a square muzzle, the ears are wide at the base and large. The coat is long and thick, consisting of an undercoat beneath a dense, glossy, all-weather top coat. The hair of these pedigree cats is shorter on the head, neck and shoulders, and longer on the back, sides and tail. The fur on the belly and hind legs is full and shaggy. The Maine Coon has a ruff that starts at the base of the ears and is more pronounced in tomcats than in cats. The hair on the tail is long and flowing. The ears have lynx tufts. The paws are also fluffy and look like snowshoes. The Maine Coon comes in 30 or more colors. The eyes can turn green