The Neva Masquerade cat certainly attracts attention! As the point variation on the Siberian cat, this breed’s original appearance causes a stir: long, thick fur with a crown and ear tufts, a muscular body and bushy tail give the Neva Masquerade the appearance of a mini wildcat. So, it’s hardly surprising to hear that the Siberian cat and Neva Masquerade are indeed wild cats! Apart from its colouration, the Neva Masquerade does not differ from the Siberian cat. As the point variation on the breed, these medium-sized cats weigh up to 9kg. They are late developers and are only fully grown once they reach three years in age. Their semi-long fur is made up of water-resistant, robust top hair and a fluffy undercoat. The thick crown around the head and neck proves particularly eye-catching! In summer, the Neva Masquerade loses the thick undercoat that keeps it warm during the Siberian winter, with the summer coat proving much shorter and less abundant. However, tufts of hair on the ears and between the toes should still remain in place during the warm summer months. Like the Siberian cat, the Neva Masquerade has a round head with a curved forehead, big eyes and wide, medium-sized ears. Eye colour should be uniform and matching the fur colour. Bright blue is very popular for the Neva Masquerade.