All pointed Ragdoll kittens are born white and their colour and pattern develops over time.

I have always loved and been fascinated with how much Ragdolls change in appearance from kitten to adulthood. I thought it would be nice to show you this.

A Ragdoll kittens eyes are a deep blue. At around 9 weeks the eye colour settles and ranges from a very pale blue to a deep blue.

I can guarantee your Ragdoll will get more beautiful with age as eye colour can deepen, coats darken, and generally get bigger and fluffier, especially after de-sexing.

As and when I have updated photographs as the cats mature, either sent to me from new families or my own, I will update these pages regularly.

This term refers to the main colour of your Ragdoll.

Blue Ragdolls have points (ears, face, feet, legs and tails) that are slate blue grey to silver with generally a grey appearance, the richness and spread of the blue grey colour comes in very slowly until full maturity. Coat colour is usually mature at about 2 years.

Their bodies are generally a lot paler, usually pale bluish grey in colour, this does vary from cat to cat and can vary with the seasons a little.