The Scottish Fold?s defining features are their folded ears, which bend forward and downward. This medium-sized cat has a round and stocky body. The head is round and wide and sits upon a short neck. The large and round eyes are wide open and correspond with the coat color. Blue-eyed or odd-eyed colors are allowed for all white cats. The nose is short and softly curved with a brief stop. This gives the Scottish Fold an owl-like appearance. They have a thick, double coat which comes in a shorthair and longhair variety. In the longhair variety, the coat is dense, plush and even with medium-long to long hair length. There is a full coat on the face and body, but short hair is permissible on the face and legs. Britches, tail plume, toe tufts, and ear furnishings should be clearly visible with a soft ruff being desirable. The desired coat stands away from the body due to density, not flat or close lying. The legs are medium in length and the toes are well-rounded.