Different types of cat meowing and what it means? by pESHI PETS

Cats are one of the most loved pets, and people love to keep them and care for them. Keeping a cat is a huge responsibility because they are living beings just like humans and need proper care and protection. If you want to keep your cat healthy and happy, you must understand their language. The cats usually communicate with their masters in the language called meow. It is a known fact that cats meow to people and don’t meow to other cats and animals. 


If you have ever wondered what your cat is trying to say, this guide will help you better understand your cat. It is important to understand your cat if you want to take proper care of her. There are various vocal patterns that you need to understand to understand your cat and communicate with her. Peshi Pets provide this guide will help you to explore and discover the meaning behind your cat’s meow. 


What does meowing mean?

When Cats want to communicate with their masters, they use meow to communicate and convey their message. They don’t use their facial expression and don’t have body language, so they use meow to communicate with humans. Meowing is a language that cats use exclusively to communicate with customers. The cats usually meow with the humans, but they also use this meow sound when they are communicating with their mothers. Once the cats are grown up, they stop meowing to their fellow cats. 

Cats meow to humans for similar reasons. Your cat is dependent on you and knows that you don’t respond to them through scent messages or any other kind of body language. Cats use meowing to communicate with humans and like them for things that they need. Scientists have discovered that cats have introduced this language to communicate and converse with humans. 

What do the different sounds mean?

There are several meowing sounds that a cat uses to converse with humans. The language varies in pitch, length, and volume. If the meow is short or high-pitched, then that meow indicates standard ‘hello.’ When the meow is drawn out and goes meeeooowww, then it means that they are demanding something. The demand could be like ‘open the door NOW.’ If you pay attention to the meow sounds, you will understand your cat in a better way. Understanding every meow will help you to understand your cat and what she is trying to say. 

The meows that sound pleasant are used to request food. Some cats also demand attention, and this is when they create a pleasant meow sound. If you notice an unpleasant meowing, that means that that cat is trying to express annoyance or demanding something that you haven’t been giving her for a long time. The people who are surrounded by cats all the time then you will be able to understand the meows in a better way. 

Decipher your cat’s language:

Short meow or mew: Short meow is standard greeting or a “Hello!” The cats want to communicate and say hello to the humans that they like. Similar to humans, cats also identify the humans they have been spending their time with. When they encounter a familiar face, they like to say hello to them, and this is when they use a short meow. 

Multiple meows or mews: If you hear your cat making multiple meows, then that means that your cat is excited to see you. She is giving you a pleasant greeting as she is super excited to see you again. The cats like to get attention, and if they encounter a human who gives them a lot of care and attention, they like to communicate with that person and convey the message “Great to see you!”

Mid-pitch meow: The mid-pitch meow indicates a Plea or request for something. When your cat is making a mid-pitch sound, then they are like to convey, “I’d like to eat.” Or some other similar request. 

Drawn-out meoooow: When your cat draws out the meow sound, then that means that she is Demanding something. Cats often like to spend time with their masters and want to come inside your home. If you keep them outside for long, they might make a drawn out meow sound and request you by saying, “Open the door NOW.”

Low-pitch meeeooowww: The low pitch meow is used as a complaint. They might be feeling bad about something that you have done to them and want you to stop doing that. This sound often indicates that the cat is asking for more food or attention. This meow sound usually means, “Hey – my bowl is still empty!”

High-pitch RRRROWW!: If you ever listen to high pitched meow from your cat, that may indicate that she is angry or in pain. Cats usually express their anger and pain by making high pitched sounds. They might be telling you “that you just stepped on my tail!”

Is your cat a chatterbox?

Some cats excessively create a meow sound. They might be doing so because they believe that excessive meowing can get them what they want. The cats usually learn this type of nagging behavior because they believe that excessive meowing can make them get their desired things. If your cat has been meowing excessively lately, then it is best to ignore her at such times. If you pay attention to them during such times, then they might get used to this nagging behavior, which might not be good for you. The cats will develop a bad habit of making noise if you pay attention to their every cry and sound. It is best to give them food when they are not creating any noise. It is a great idea to give them a lot of attention when they do not create any noise. This will help your cat to become decent and become more organized. If they meow excessively, they often get irritated, which can make things harder for you.

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