Ragdoll kittens UAE

Get to know all about Ragdoll kitten by Peshi Pets

Many people are fond of keeping cats or kittens as their pets, but as there are many breeds and types, things can become challenging. If you are interested in purchasing a Ragdoll, you must find out about their temperament and personality. Bringing a new kitten isn’t easy as you have to make adjustments and offer them the best necessities according to their nature. If this isn’t enough, you also need to know about their lifespan, grooming plans, and taking the vets’ perfect health advice.

Get to know all about Ragdoll kitten by Peshi Pets

Ragdoll is a super cute kitten that has a calm and friendly nature. You will be surprised to see that they have very soft and fluffy coats on their skin, so you can keep stroking them with love. They have got the perfect blue eyes and resemble a cuddly and small teddy bear. Just like most of the other cats and kittens, they love to have the company of their owners. You can trust them as they won’t bite or create any other problems for you or your family members. They will become your companion if you give them much needed love and care.


Vital stats of a ragdoll kitten

Now we will come to the vital stats of a ragdoll kitten, and for the pet owners, this information will be useful. The average size of the kitten happens to be 23-28 cm in height. They will weigh around 3-9 kgs, so you should plan a sleeping or playing area accordingly. These kittens are from a special breed, so they have semi-long hair on their fur coat while it is silky and plush to touch. The fur is very much similar to that of a rabbit, so they need frequent grooming sessions. As far as their body color is concerned, it is a little on the pale side. They may even have dark markings on their face, legs, tail, or even ears. There are other colors like a seal, chocolate, and even blue or lilac, so it will help you recognize them among a vast crowd. They won’t become fully mature until they reach the age of four. The kitten’s lifespan can improve if you take proper care, but the lifespan will usually be 15 years.

Personality and Habits

The Ragdoll cats are known to be friendly, gentle, and calm. Once you bring them to your house, they will adapt well and try to give everyone good companionship. They are friendly and affectionate without being demanding or fussy. You will be delighted to know that this particular breed is as faithful as a dog. Even though they are friendly, submissive, and docile, a good upbringing from the owner’s side is fundamental. You need to provide them with the best settings and take them for a regular walk, so they don’t feel bored. Another critical step is the training because if you don’t do that, it may cause some issues. Even though they can adapt to different environments, good practice will help them do better.

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